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Business and Human Rights. History, Law and Policy. Bridging the Accountability Gap, Routledge (2017).

Journal articles

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Book chapters

“Resources Grabbing and Human Rights:  Building a Triangular Relationship Between States, Indigenous Peoples and Corporations”, in Angelica Bonfanti, Francesca Romanin Jacur, Francesco Seatzu (eds), Natural Resources Grabbing: An International Law Perspective, Brill (2015) co-authored with Dr Jérémie Gilbert.

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Establishing Liability for Financial Complicity in International Crimesin Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky & Jernej Letnar Černič (eds.), Making Sovereign Financing & Human Rights Work, Hart Publishing (2014), pp. 61-76.


Business and Human Rights: A Guidance,  British Equality and Human Rights Commission (2011). Available here. (jointly written with Dr Jérémie Gilbert)

Westlaw Insight – online encyclopedia  

“Business and Human Rights” entry

Book review

Review of L. Bilsky, The Holocaust, Corporations, and the Law, Journal of the History of International Law  21 (2019) 450–453.

Review of D. Karp, Responsibility for Human Rights, Transnational Corporations in Imperfect States, in Business and Human Rights Journal (2016) 1.

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